Composite Panels

The design flexibility of metal can let your creativity run wild.


Angles, curves, complex shapes, a variety of textures, unlimited colors, and the lasting durability and performance of metal make it the element of choice for architects looking to express a building's personality.


Architectural Images' craftsmanship and attention to detail is our trademark.


Composite Series

  • 3mm and 4mm in a wide variety of painted aluminum as well as copper and zinc material

  • Polyethylene or Fire Retardant Core

  • Skin thickness

    • Aluminum: .020"

    • Zinc: .028" / .07mm / 22ga

    • Copper: 12 oz & 16 oz


Material Options

  • 3mm and 4mm Composite Wall Panel

  • .032 and 040 Aluminum

  • 24ga. and 22ga. Steel

    • Painted Galvanized or painted Galvalume

    • Mill finish Galvalume

  • Stainless steel

    • #4 brushed

    • #8 mirror polished

  • Muntz

    • #4 brushed

    • #8 Mirror polished

  • Zinc

    • Mill finish bright rolled

    • Pre-weathered Blue Gray

    • Pre-weathered Graphite Gray

  • Copper

    • Natural mill finish

    • Prepatined

Finish Options

  • Painted: Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 coil coated or spray applied

  • Anodized: Class I batch anodized and Class ll batch or coil anodized

  • Mechanical finishes


Design Options

  • Custom fabricated

  • Roll formed

  • Curtain wall

Ecology and Durability

Each produce has it’s own characteristics and performance criteria that provide the architects, designers, and owners with a myriad of design options.